February 17, 2017

GPS Asset Tracking

LoneStar Tracking’s GPS asset tracking solutions track and locate valuable assets around the world and give you total visibility over your assets, cargo and property. Our full line of devices are cost-effective and easy to install. With LoneStar Tracking, you will have the intelligence you need to account for the assets that matter most to you and your business.

Missing, lost or stolen assets can cost your business time and money. LoneStar Tracking’s GPS asset tracking solutions enable you to track, recover and manage those assets, helping you save money and run your business more effectively. Advanced features like temperature and motion sensors as well as run-time reporting for powered assets will help reduce your risk by knowing the status and location of your assets at all times.

Whether you need to know the precise location of high-value cargo or property, or monitor the status of assets such as lifts, loaders, mixers or compressors, LST has the right solution for you.

Any subscription plan can be month to month. No contract required!

Benefits of GPS Asset Tracking:

LoneStar Tracking offers GPS Asset Tracking solutions that are easy to use, reliable and guaranteed to deliver measurable results quickly. With LST you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have the tools to remotely track and locate your valuable assets and property in real time.